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Dr. Frederick A. Brown is a Family Care practitioner who serves the Missouri City, TX area and the surrounding communities. The doctor provides services to enhance and improve emotional wellbeing and accepts patients of all ages at his practice, Complete Health & Wellness.

Emotional Well-being Q & A

How Does Emotional Well-Being Affect a Person's Physical Health?

A person's Emotional Well-Being is the foundation for much of their physical health. While the physical body is what is seen and can be tested, examined and studied, a person's emotions can have a dramatic impact on their overall health. Conditions like ADD, Anxiety, and Depression, can cause the body to exhibit many physical symptoms. When a person is in good health, and they exercise often, endorphins are released that elevate mood, enhance mental clarity, and improve physiological function throughout the body.

How do ADD and Anxiety Affect the Brain?

ADD and Anxiety are two conditions that affect how the brain processes information. Attention Deficit Disorder is a condition where lack of concentration and the inability to maintain focus for long periods are common symptoms. Anxiety is another disorder in which slight issues can be turned into major issues with little provocation. The heart races, palms sweat, the hands begin to shake and breathing patterns change. Anxiety and panic often go hand in hand and can lead to physical health problems if left untreated.

What are the Effects of Depression?

While ADD and Anxiety stimulate the body to the point of frustration and agitation, Depression has the opposite effect. When a person becomes depressed, the immune system is weakened, the metabolism slows down, and the digestive system becomes sluggish and inefficient. Depression affects other aspects of a person's mental state as well. A person who is depressed can begin to have problems focusing or staying on task. It can also be difficult for them to solve problems or think through complex situations.

How are ADD, Anxiety and Depression Treated?

Treating conditions like ADD, Anxiety, and Depression involves much more than counseling on a mental and emotional level. It involves improving a person's diet, increasing their activity level and addressing any health conditions they may have that can cause them to become depressed or overwhelmed. Addressing physical conditions that can cause chronic pain is the first step in improving their overall health. Once the main causes of certain illnesses are addressed, and the severity of the symptoms is reduced, mental clarity returns and emotional upset is less likely to be an issue. Finding the link between emotional upset and physical illness is the first step in overcoming many of a person's health issues.

What is the Link Between Exercise and Emotional Well-Being?

One important concept to remember is that exercise and physical fitness have a direct link to a person's emotional state. First, exercise helps to relieve frustrations and can allow a person to burn off excess energy and aggression that is often associated with stressful situations. Secondly, exercise and other types of strenuous activities result in the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins act as an anti-depressant, elevating mood and improving a person's outlook on life.

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