Frederick A. Brown, M.D.

Family Practice Physician located in Missouri City, TX

About Dr. Brown

Complete Health & Wellness serves the residents of Missouri City, TX and the surrounding area, and specializes in treating many different conditions. Complete Health & Wellness focuses on every aspect of their patients' healthcare. They understand that it is important to treat the entire person and that many physical conditions have nutritional and hormonal etiologies. Complete Health & Wellness's primary provider is Dr. Fredrick Brown who is a fellowship trained in sports medicine and has well over a decade of experience.

When treating a patient, the signs and symptoms that are observed often point to the underlying root cause. Finding that cause using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools is the key to being able to develop an effective treatment plan. Once the etiology has been determined, a proper wellness treatment plan can be implemented. If a chronic condition is present, the doctor will be able to find a way to correct the underlying problem. By maximizing natural interventions and minimizing pharmaceutical drugs, both successful treatment can be obtained, combined with quality-of-life improvements, without causing drug side effects that are sometimes as unpleasant as the condition. This method of care is often referred to as ‘functional medicine’ or ‘integrative medicine’, which has proven superior to the confines and limitations of conventional care.

    1. Wonderful experience. Staff is professional & Dr Brown is the best doctor I ever consulted

    2. Beenish S. Review

    1. "The whole office staff are friendly and attentive"

    2. Natasha C. Google

    1. "Dr. Brown and staff are amazing!...I would highly recommend family and friends to visit!"

    2. Delia L. Google

    1. Dr B, I believes goes beyond whats expected to get my glucose numbers down.

    2. Donnis L. Review

    1. The staff was very caring...they really care about the clients.

    2. Joseph F. Review

    1. Extremely pleased! Dr. B. has changed my life. It's amazing to feel great again.

    2. Johanna C. Review

    1. “Real Health Care”. Improvements in my health in the first visit

    2. Kevin G. Review

    1. Dr. Brown takes the time to go out of his way to assist you in reaching your health goals

    2. Bryant P. Review

    1. Dr. Brown cares & makes me feel confident that I'm doing the right things to stay healthy

    2. Willard J. Review

    1. I trust Dr. Brown. He is interested in healing my body and not just prescribing meds.

    2. Beverly C. Review

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